What Happens if You Cry Right After Getting Eyelash Extensions

What Happens if You Cry Right After Getting Eyelash Extensions

Ever gotten new eyelash extensions and suddenly felt the urge to cry? You're not alone. It's crucial to know how your tears might impact those fresh lashes. This article will help you understand the science behind it, exploring immediate and long-term effects, preventative measures, and what to do if you've already shed a tear. Let's ensure your lash investment doesn't go down the drain!

Understanding Eyelash Extensions: A Brief Overview

You've probably heard about eyelash extensions, but let's delve deeper into what they're all about. They're a popular beauty enhancement that can instantly give you longer, thicker lashes. Essentially, individual synthetic fibres are glued to your natural lashes using a special adhesive.

The process is usually done by a professional technician in a salon or spa. You'd be lying down with your eyes closed while the tech carefully attaches the extensions one by one. It's not painful at all; it's more like getting pampered actually.

There are different types of eyelash extensions, including mink, silk, and synthetic ones. Mink is typically the most expensive because it's considered to look the most natural and feel the lightest on your eyes. Silk and synthetic options are less pricey but can still provide an impressively dramatic effect.

Now here comes the maintenance part - you can't get them wet for 24 hours after application! That means no crying, swimming or heavy sweating if you want them to last. Why? The adhesive needs time to fully dry and bond with your natural lashes. So if you cry right after getting your extensions done (for whatever reason), chances are they won't stick properly and could start falling off sooner than expected.

Lastly, remember that having eyelash extensions requires upkeep. They'll naturally fall out over time as your own lashes shed (which they do every six to eight weeks). To keep them looking full and lush, regular touch-up appointments are needed.

The Process of Getting Eyelash Extensions

It's crucial to understand that the process involves attaching individual synthetic lashes to your natural ones with a special adhesive. This isn't something you can rush; it's an intricate task, often taking up to two hours. It requires patience and precision for best results.

Your job during this time is simple: lie back in the chair, close your eyes, and try not to move too much. The lash technician will then meticulously apply each synthetic lash one by one using tweezers. Imagine these extensions as tiny fans of hair glued onto your natural lashes. They're designed to add length, volume, and thickness.

Here's the catch: this adhesive needs time to dry properly so it can firmly hold the extensions in place. That means no crying or rubbing your eyes immediately after the application is complete! If you do, you'll risk loosening or dislodging the fresh extensions before they've had a chance to set.

Aftercare plays a significant role too. You'll need to avoid water for at least 24-48 hours post-application – that includes showers, swimming pools, and steam rooms! Saunas are also off-limits unless you don't mind losing some of those freshly applied lashes.

Remember that everyone's experience differs slightly - what works for one person may not work for another. But understanding these key points about getting eyelash extensions should help prepare you for what's involved in this beauty treatment process.

Being aware of these factors helps ensure a successful extension application and longevity of wear - meaning you get more bang for your buck!

Why Crying May Affect Your Eyelash Extensions

Tears aren't just saltwater; they also contain oils and enzymes that can dissolve the lash adhesive prematurely, leading to extensions falling out. So if you've just got your lashes done, it's best to steer clear of tear-jerking movies or emotional conversations for a while. It might sound like a small inconvenience but trust me, maintaining the longevity of your eyelash extensions is worth it.

Now, you're probably wondering why this happens in the first place. Well, eyelash adhesives need time to cure completely. This curing process usually takes about 24-48 hours post-application depending on the specific brand of glue used by your lash technician. During this period, any contact with moisture can interfere with the bonding process between the adhesive and your natural lashes.

So what happens when you cry? You inadvertently introduce moisture to this delicate equation. The tears roll down from your eyes onto your newly installed extensions causing them to lose their grip and eventually fall off way before their due date. It's not an ideal situation especially after spending a good amount of time and money at the salon getting those gorgeous looking lashes.

But don't worry! If it does happen unintentionally - life has its ways of throwing curveballs now doesn't it - there are remedial steps available. Your lash artist can reapply those fallen soldiers back for you; although additional charges may apply.

Remember: patience is key! Give yourself and your lovely new lashes some time before diving into emotional territories or humid environments post treatment session.

Chemical Reactions: Tears and Eyelash Extension Glue

Don't be fooled into thinking that your tears are harmless; they're actually initiating a chemical reaction with the lash glue, which can weaken its bond to your natural lashes. You see, the adhesive used for eyelash extensions is typically cyanoacrylate-based, a type of strong adhesive that reacts differently when it comes into contact with moisture.

Your tears aren't just water – they contain various salts and enzymes too. When these mix with the lash glue, it disrupts its bonding process. It's like throwing a wrench in the works - everything gets off-balance and can lead to premature extension fallout.

You may not notice immediate effects if you find yourself crying right after getting fresh extensions but don't dismiss this as nothing. Over time, you'll start noticing that your extensions aren't lasting as long as expected or promised by your technician. They're falling out faster than they should be, leaving you wondering what went wrong.

It's not always easy to control our emotions or when we'll cry. Life happens! But knowing the impact of those tears on your freshly glued lashes might make you think twice about reaching for tissues following an appointment at your local lash bar.

Immediate Impact of Crying on New Extensions

While there's no immediate disaster when crying with new extensions, the underlying damage can't be underestimated. You see, your tears aren't just water; they're a complex mixture of oils, antibodies, and enzymes that can cause havoc on your fresh lashes.

When you weep shortly after getting extensions, you risk compromising the adhesive bond that keeps those beautiful lashes in place. It's not a guaranteed catastrophe in every case - some adhesives are more resistant to moisture than others. But if you've got the type that's susceptible to weakening when exposed to wet conditions? Well, let's just say it's best to hold off on watching that tear-jerker movie right after your appointment.

Moreover, even if the glue holds up, there are other issues at play here. Your eyes may become irritated or red from crying which could lead to unnecessary rubbing or scratching of your eyes – two things you definitely don't want to do with new extensions! This kind of physical trauma can loosen or displace lashes prematurely.

Lastly, consider this: what about mascara? If you've added a layer like many folks do post-extension for extra oomph and then proceed to cry before it fully dries? That's another potential problem as smudged mascara isn't exactly a good look and is likely difficult to clean without disturbing those newly applied extensions.

Long-Term Effects of Crying on Eyelash Extensions

In the long run, frequent crying could potentially lead to your lovely lash extensions falling out prematurely. It's because when you cry, your tears can dissolve the adhesive that holds your lashes in place. Over time, this weakens the bond and causes those precious extensions to lose their grip.

You're probably thinking, "Can't I just get them refilled?" Yes, you can but remember that refills aren't a cure-all solution. They're more like a quick fix for minor fallout; they won't be as effective if you're constantly shedding lashes due to ongoing tear production.

Plus, let's not forget how costly it gets! You've already splurged quite a bit on getting those gorgeous lashes done professionally. Do you really want to spend even more money on frequent touch-ups? Most likely not!

Moreover, excessive crying isn't just bad for your wallet—it's also rough on your natural lashes. The constant moisture and friction from wiping tears away can weaken them too and might cause them to fall out or break off quicker than normal.

And finally, think about this: each time an extension falls off prematurely because of tears, it takes one of your own natural eyelashes with it. So you're not only losing the extensions themselves but also reducing the overall health and fullness of your natural lash line.

How to Prevent Damage: Caring for Your Extensions

To avoid damage, it's crucial that you know how to properly care for your lash extensions. You've invested both time and money into these beauty enhancements, so don't let a few tears ruin them.

Firstly, keep your lashes dry for at least 24 hours after application. That means no crying, sweating or swimming - anything that can cause moisture is off the table. If you do end up shedding a tear or two, try not to rub your eyes as this could pull out the extensions.

Secondly, be gentle when cleansing your face. Avoid oil-based cleansers as they can break down the adhesive used for applying your extensions. Opt instead for water-based products that are gentle on the eye area.

Don't forget about sleeping positions too! Try not to sleep on your stomach or side as this could crush your fabulous new lashes. Sleep on your back if possible to prevent any unnecessary pressure.

Regular maintenance is also key in preventing damage from tears and other potential hazards. Schedule touch-up appointments every two to three weeks with a professional who can check the health of your natural lashes and replace any fallen extensions.

Lastly, invest in a good eyelash comb to keep those extensions neat and tidy without causing harm. Just remember: always brush downwards – never side-to-side!

What to Do if You've Cried After the Procedure

Should've tears come post-procedure, don't panic! It's not the end of the world, nor your lash extensions. You're human, and crying is a natural response to certain emotions or irritants. However, it's essential to know what steps to take next.

Firstly, try not to rub your eyes. Rubbing might feel like a quick fix for blurry vision or discomfort, but it'll cause more harm than good. Your lash extensions are delicate and rubbing can loosen them prematurely. Moreover, it might also lead to irritation or even an infection if you're not careful.

Secondly, dab gently around your eyes using a clean tissue or cotton pad. Avoid wiping across your lashes as this could cause them to move out of place or fall out altogether.

Thirdly, once you've managed to stop crying (and we hope that's sooner rather than later), give your eyes some time to dry naturally before doing anything else. This step might seem unnecessary but trust us on this one; it's better safe than sorry!

Lastly but importantly: reviews and updates with your lash technician should be part of your regular routine - especially in situations like these. They would provide advice tailored specifically for you based on the condition of your lashes post-tear session.

Remember: while tear-induced damage isn't common after getting eyelash extensions, precautions never hurt anyone! So keep calm and treat those lashes with care – they're worth every bit of extra attention you give 'em!

Expert Tips to Enhance the Lifespan of Your Eyelash Extensions

Let's delve into some expert tips that'll significantly enhance the lifespan of your eyelash extensions. First off, you've got to keep them clean. It doesn't matter if you're crying or not, dirt and oil can break down the adhesive faster than you'd think. So make sure to gently clean your lashes daily with an extension-safe cleanser.

Now, as we've talked about in the last subtopic, crying isn't exactly lash-friendly either. The salt in tears can also weaken the glue holding your extensions on. If you do end up shedding a few tears post-procedure, don't panic! Just dab around your eyes with a tissue – no wiping or rubbing - and let them air dry.

Sleeping habits play a huge role too. You might be surprised but sleeping on your stomach or sides can cause friction against your pillow and lead to premature fallout. Try training yourself to sleep on your back instead.

Another thing: avoid using waterproof mascara or any oil-based products near your eyes as they're notorious for breaking down lash glue quickly.

Lastly, keep those fingers away! It's tempting to touch those pretty new lashes but every time you pull or tug at them, you risk loosening the bond even more.


So, if you've shed a few tears right after getting your lash extensions, don't panic. It might cause some immediate issues like clumping or falling out, but it's not the end of the world. Just be extra careful with your aftercare routine and consult your technician for advice. Remember, proper care can extend their lifespan - so keep those peepers dry and enjoy your fabulous new lashes!

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