• Quick & Easy

    Easy to apply your lashes in less that ten minutes
  • Holds For Days

    Stays perfects for up to one week
  • Water Resistant

    Water won’t come between you and your lashes
  • Reusable

    After holding for days, apply them three more times

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Join the lash revolution today and embark on a journey that will forever change the way you see eyelashes. Get ready to be amazed, inspired, and fall in love with your own eyes all over again. Dare to envision a future where every blink showcases your unique and breathtaking beauty.

How To Apply LashxTend

It only takes 10 Minutes

Apply In 4 Easy Steps

  • 1. PREP

    Ensure your lashes and eyelids are free of oils. Use a spoolie to comb through your natural lashes.

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    Apply light coat of lash adhesive underneath the base of natural lashes. Concentrating near the roots, 1mm away from waterline. For extra hold apply a light coat of lash adhesive on the lash band. Remember a little lash adhesive goes a long away. Less is more!

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  • 3. LASH TIME

    Apply each lash segment starting at the outer corner, work towards the inner corner, with shortest lash in inner corner and longest lash in outer corner. Place each segment underneath your natural lash leaving1mm from your natural waterline. Depending on the size of your eyes, you will use either 4 or 5 lash segments per eye.

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  • 4. FUSE

    Once all lash segments have been applied, use the applicator to press down and sandwich “fuse” the natural lash, adhesive and lash segments together.

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