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Premapped Lash Tray

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Explore the convenience of our Premapped Lash Tray, a revolutionary solution for effortless lash application. This tray features three pre-mapped and pre-cut lash sets, each offering a unique style to suit your mood or occasion. Enjoy the versatility of different lash designs in one compact tray, including the playful Doll Eye, the sultry Cat Eye, and the trendy Hybrid style. These lashes range in length from 12mm to 14mm, perfect for creating a range of looks.

Please note, adhesive is not included.

  • 3x Premapped Lashes
  • 12mm - 14mm
  • Doll eye
  • Cat eye
  • Hybrid


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    Premapped Lash Tray
    Premapped Lash Tray
    Premapped Lash Tray
    Premapped Lash Tray
    Premapped Lash Tray
    Premapped Lash Tray
    Premapped Lash Tray
    Premapped Lash Tray
    Premapped Lash Tray
    Premapped Lash Tray
    Premapped Lash Tray
    Premapped Lash Tray
    Premapped Lash Tray
    Premapped Lash Tray
    Premapped Lash Tray
    • Quick & Easy

      Easy to apply your lashes in less that ten minutes
    • Holds For Days

      Stays perfects for up to one week
    • Water Resistant

      Water won’t come between you and your lashes
    • Reusable

      After holding for days, apply them three more times


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    Perfect Lashes Every Time

    Achieve salon-quality lashes from the comfort of your own home. Say goodbye to expensive appointments and hello to stunning lashes that will make your eyes pop! Our DIY lash extensions kit includes high-quality faux lash strips, a reliable lash adhesive, precision tweezers, and scissors for a customized fit. It's the ultimate beauty hack. Get ready to transform your look with fluttery, voluminous lashes that will leave everyone in awe. Whether you're a lash enthusiast or a beginner, our easy-to-follow instructions will guide you through the application process. Go ahead and alevate your beauty game with LashXtend's DIY lash extensions.

    How To Apply LashxTend



    Questions & Answers

    Let's Help

    How to apply


    1. PREP

    Ensure your lashes and eyelids are free of oils. Use a spoolie to comb through your natural lashes.


    Apply light coat of lash adhesive underneath the base of natural lashes. Concentrating near the roots, 1mm away from waterline. For extra hold apply a light coat of lash adhesive on the lash band. Remember a little lash adhesive goes a long away. Less is more!

    3. LASH TIME

    Apply each lash segment starting at the outer corner, work towards the inner corner, with shortest lash in inner corner and longest lash in outer corner. Place each segment underneath your natural lash leaving1mm from your natural waterline. Depending on the size of your eyes, you will use either 4 or 5 lash segments per eye.

    4. FUSE

    Once all lash segments have been applied, use the applicator to press down and sandwich “fuse” the natural lash, adhesive and lash segments together.

    Let us discuss lash placement

    • Apply lash segments 0.5-1mm away from waterline. (about thickness of a bank card)

    • Do NOT apply on waterline, this will be uncomfortable and can cause irritation.

    • Do not apply too far up the lash or it can weigh down on the natural lash.

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    Will LashXtend Lash Ribbons damage my lashes

    We strive to provide a damage-free experience for you.

    Our lash segments are created weightless; your natural lashes will not feel the weight or tension that you would feel when wearing regular falsies or lash extensions.

    Our adhesive will not damage your natural lashes as long as you use proper technique to remove the glue.

    How long will my lashes last

    Your lashes will last for up to seven consecutive days.

    How do I clean my LashXtend lashes

    Step 1: Put lashes in small jar

    Step 2: Add some 90% Isopropyl alcohol, soak 5min

    Step 3: Place on paper towel, clean off all bond with q-tip

    Step 4: Fluff lashes with a spoolie


    How do I remove my lash segments

    Lash segments are as easy to remove as they are to apply. To remove lashes, simply apply our Remover or use coconut oil. Keep remover/coconut oil on lashes for approx. 60seconds.With a gentle rub, your lashes should slide right out!

    If you still feel any resistance, continue to gently massage and loosen the adhesive to protect your natural lashes.

    Are my LashXtend lashes reusable

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Reuse them up to 3 times, when cleaned and stored properly.